Staffing is an essential industry that provides vital flexibility and support to businesses while offering gainful opportunities and work flexibility for employees – both of which fuel our economy. According to the latest numbers from the American Staffing Association (ASA), each day the staffing business deploys more than three million employees to work in offices, warehouses, hospital, factories, and anywhere else where people work. If there are employees, it’s likely there are staffing employees on the job. One wonders what employers did prior to the advent of staffing firms since this service is so integral to our workforce and thus our economy.

The Growing Influence of Staffing Firms On the Bottom Line

Data from the ASA reports that the staffing industry contributes over $160 billion to the U.S. economy through temporary and contract staffing, recruiting and permanent placement, outsourcing and outplacement, and human resource consulting. The presence and influence of staffing firms are felt virtually everywhere. The effects the pandemic has had on job markets across the country cannot be denied. More and more businesses rely on the services of a staffing firm to help them continue to be productive and profitable.

Now more than ever, companies are increasingly dependent on the help from staffing employees to ensure they meet demand during peak seasons, meet objectives for major projects, fulfill commitments to new clients, and have the resources necessary to meet ongoing growth objectives. Businesses require the flexibility staffing provides in order to maintain a competitive edge. A staffing firm enables a business to match both resources and payroll to current business needs. Increasingly, businesses are placing an increased premium on more flexible and agile workforces. Staffing firms help companies get the help they need, when they need it – becoming a major component to the company’s overall growth strategy.

An Increased Desire by Employees to Use a Staffing Firm for Employment

The benefits of employer staffing solutions don’t just pertain to employers. Employees also benefit in a number of ways. Perhaps the biggest benefit is that a temporary or contract staffing position can often be used as a bridge to a permanent job. According to ASA, nearly nine out of 10 staffing employees say that temporary or contract work makes them more employable. One half say it’s a way to get a permanent job. One-third of temporary and contract employees were offered permanent positions by clients where they worked on assignments—two-thirds of those accepted the offers of employment.

Staffing Firms Have Become an Essential Industry

Over time, staffing firms have not just proven their worth to our economy. They have also shown that they have grown to become an essential industry. Staffing firms provide vital flexibility and support to businesses along with offering employment opportunities and work flexibility for employees.

As the US economy continues to evolve and information and connectivity continue to grow in dominant roles within the economy, the staffing, recruiting, and workforce solutions industry will increasingly be looked upon to provide the vital employers staffing solutions, payroll funding, workers compensation, and other back office management businesses need to grow and prosper in both the short-term and for the foreseeable future. Now is an exciting time to start or grow a staffing business, and Employers Logic can help.