Employers Logic has an exciting opportunity for independent recruiters, providing access to solutions that enable recruiters to diversity their business model. Recruiters can maintain their autonomy while accessing the resources of Employers Logic – like being able to offer their clients a way to “test drive” the candidate while creating cash flow for their practice. At Employers Logic, we offer simple solutions for independent recruiters that keep you protected while putting potential hires to work before offers are made.

Our solutions include:

  • Worker’s compensation for candidates
  • No out-of-pocket payroll costs to you (fully funded)
  • White-label billing services
  • Ability to offer unlimited time for the hire to take place

We make working with Employers Logic seamless and rewarding, giving our independent recruiting partners access to our database of job requisitions from  our contracted employers – many of whom typically do not work with independent recruiters and agencies. Recruiters can access and fill these jobs and earn a placement fee for each successful hire.

Here’s How It Works

Independent recruiters simply register for our recruiter program for free, start reviewing jobs, and then begin submitting candidates. You receive a placement fee when a candidate you submitted into the platform is hired.

This Employers Logic solution for independent recruiters means  no more cold calling, negotiating contracts, and collecting fees. Instead, Employers Logic enables recruiters to  spend time wisely, sourcing and placing the best candidates with top companies committed to hiring through Employers Logic. By working with Employers Logic, we can help you fast track your access to leading clients in multiple verticals. This enables you to diversify and build your business faster and better than you could simply working on your own.

  • Increase Your Book Of Business
  • Get Beneficial Feedback On Your Candidates
  • Access Placements With Top Employers
  • Seamlessly Integrate Placements With Our Easy-To-Use Platform

We understand the many nuisances of recruiting, and we have the clients and the infrastructure to help independent recruiters build their business. Because we have relationships with our employer clients, we provide insight and feedback on candidates that independent recruiters usually don’t receive. It’s easy to submit candidates and easy to use our system interface. Start building your business with Employers Logic now!