“SMS” stands for Short Message Service and is most commonly referred to as texting. The current job market is incredibly competitive, making it harder than ever to fill job openings quickly and efficiently. One thing recruiters know for sure is that communication is key to moving candidates down the hiring funnel. However, getting prospects on the phone can be challenging. This is where SMS comes to the rescue, helping employers communicate with prospects quicker and easier.

SMS Provides Easy Access to Candidates Wherever They Are

Staffing agencies know the challenges job candidates face that make communication with a prospective employer difficult. We take our cell phones with us everywhere, so a text is likely to reach candidates wherever they are. A quick text message enables employers to communicate with a candidate in a discreet and convenient manner. And, because we check our text messages regularly throughout the day, a text is very likely to be read by a candidate and responded to in a timely manner.

SMS Enables You to Personalize Your Communication to Candidates

In a competitive marketplace, texting is a great opportunity to stand out from the competition. While it does take some effort, personalized texts are a highly effective way to send targeted messaging to candidates in a timely manner. SMS can help create a favorable impression and greatly improve your candidate’s overall experience with your company.

SMS Creates a Platform For Relaxed and Meaningful Conversations

Because we text so often, it is a communication platform most candidates are very comfortable using. Texting creates an instant familiarity that you don’t get with other approaches. Because of this, texting promotes a more casual two-way communication. Texting is a great way for staffing firms to keep a candidate up to date on the interviewing process, give them an opportunity to learn more about the company, and to ask questions relevant to the job. It’s also a great tool for recruiters to thank candidates for their time and to show interest in them for the position. A quick SMS exchange can encourage candidates to use the platform to reach out to the staffing agency as often as they need. It’s all about creating communication opportunities that build interest and trust.

As great as texting is, it is critical that staffing agencies recognize that there are also pitfalls. There needs to be a balance with both the tone of the messaging and the frequency. All texts, however personalized, must always remain professional, timely, and welcome. Here are some ideas to help you with that:

  1. Always Offer the Option to Opt-In to Text Messaging No one likes an unwelcome text. It’s smart to give candidates the option to opt-in to receiving text messages at the start of the application process.
  2. Always Introduce Yourself Standard business etiquette also applies to texting. When you are sending the first text, make sure you introduce yourself and say what company you are with. This saves you from receiving the dreaded (and sometimes angry!) “who are you?!” text.
  3. Always Respect Your Candidates Time We always have our phones with us. That doesn’t mean we always want to be conducting business on our phones. While candidates are excited by the prospect of getting a new job, they don’t want that process to monopolize their non-working hours. The best practice is to send your texts during normal business hours. Candidates can respond at any time that is most convenient for them.
  4. Always Keep in Mind SMS is Just One Communication Tool There are many avenues to help staffing agencies communicate with candidates. While highly effective, texting is just one resource available to us. It’s smart to keep in mind which platforms work best to communicate a specific message. For example, if you need to communicate bad news, a text is not the best choice. You should opt for a personal call or e-mail. On the flip side, really good news – like an offer of employment – should also not be conducted via text. This news is also best handled over the phone or through an e-mail.

SMS should always be viewed as one element of a comprehensive communication approach. It takes a well thought out, layered approach to reach candidates and convince them to come work for you.

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